RADM Daniel Lawrence Braine

In 1940 a new class of destroyers was designed for the United States Navy. The ship designated as Hull 630 was the USS BRAINE - DD630 named for Rear Admiral Daniel Lawrence Braine, U. S. Navy. Admiral Braine was born May 18, 1829 in New York City. He was appointed a midshipman from Texas on May 30, 1846 On September 5, 1846, he was assigned to the USS MISSISSIPPI which served at Antonio, Lazardo and Tabasco in the Mexican War. In January 1847 he served on the USS JOHN ADAMS which was involved in engagements at Sacrificios, Tuspan and off Vera Cruze during the Mexican War. The JOHN ADAMS was returned to Boston in 1848 and was decommissioned.
Midshipman Braine served aboard the USS SARNAC which conveyed Captain Foorheees, Commander of the East India Squadron, to his post in China, via Honolulu in 1849. From 1850 to 1852 the SARNAC was assigned to the home squadron in the West Indies. On June 9 1852, Daniel Braine was warranted as a passed Midshipman and assigned to the USS ST. LOUIS and duty in the Mediterranean Squadron.
In 1855 he was commissioned a Lieutenant and assigned to the Coast Survey. On October 13, 1857 he reported to the USS VINCENES, operating on the west coast of Africa to suppress slave trade. In 1859 the VINCENES brought home the prize JULIE DEAN.
During The War Between the States, he commanded the USS MONTICELLO which headed the Atlantic Blockade Squadron. The MONTICELLO engaged an enemy battery of five guns at Sewall’s Point, lasting one hour and fifteen minutes, the first naval engagement of the War. She also attacked and captured Forts Hatteras and Clarke, engaged the enemy at Kimmerkerk Woods about Cape Hatteras, exchanging shots with their gunboats and dispersing two regiments of infantry, sinking two barges and rescuing the Twentieth Indiana Regiment that was surrounded by the enemy. The MONTICELLO silenced a two-gun battery at Federal Point, North Carolina.
From 1861-1865 Captain Braine also commanded the USS VICKSBURG and the USS PEQUOT on blockade duty along the Atlantic coast, capturing several prize vessels among which were The INDIAN, BAT, STAG, CHARLOTTE, SUE, ODD FELLOW, GOLDEN LINES and REVERA.
On May 27, 1868 Captain Braine took command of the USS SHAMOKIN, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron off the coast of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. From 1873-1875 he commanded the USS JUINATA on its cruise to Greenland in search of the ill-fated Polaris expedition. Commissioned a Commodore in 1885, he commanded the South American Stations on his flagship USS LANCASTER, protecting American interest and commerce during a period of political unrest in South America.
Commodore Daniel Braine was commissioned Rear Admiral in 1887 and placed on the retired list on May 18, 1891. Rear Admiral Braine died in Brooklyn, New York on January 30, 1898.
Little did his family know that one day a naval vessel would be named in his honor and serve with distinction for twenty-three years in the Unites States Navy and eleven additional years of naval service with the Republic of Argentina, participating in four wars, suffering damage and casualties from an enemy on three occasions and her crew awarded many medals for their bravery and dedication to duty.

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