War News... The Pacific

The following are excerpts of different NEWS STORIES as they were written and reported from October 11, 1943 through April 14, 1945


In a little town called Bath in Main,
They launched a Can they called the BRAINE.
They manned her with a Mighty Crew,
The best darned guys I ever knew.
Her gunners mates were not the best,
But they worked right thru without a rest;
And her torpedomen were always there,
To work like hell to do their share;
The fire controlmen with all their bitch’in
Just the same kept right on pitch’in.
Yes, her crew in all were on the ball,
Not a one would shrink and crawl,
And you can bet when in a fight,
That the BRAINE will show her might.
Armstrong, TM3c

Police looking for Francis Van Wie, fifty-eight year old blue eyed bald Streetcar Conductor and Lothario on Side who rang up nine matrimonial ventures,and Police said of the nine wives, one divorced him, one annulled marriage, one died. The remaining six still around and Police have three Bigamy warrants. All signed and sealed, but cannot find quote Ding-Dong Daddy of Streetcar Line unquote. Fellow Trolley Conductors say he has left town looking moody. Latest claim to ticket on Van Wie Line made by Mrs. Julian E. Voloshin Van Wie of Los Angeles. Said quote, “Man was a perfect Gentleman in public, but he was constantly black and blue from his tactics at home,” unquote.
11 OCTOBER 1943
Admiral C.W. Nimits reported today, that Japanese positions were smashed heavily and more than 61 enemy planes were destroyed in a two day bombing and shelling of Wake’s three tiny atolls Tuesday and Wednesday. The Commander In Chief of the Pacific Fleet said the destruction on the enemy held position in the Central Pacific was wrought jointly by an Aircraft Carrier Task Force and land based Navy Liberator bombers. The enemy apparently offered material aerial resistance to the initial attack at dawn Tuesday which was made by a Task Force, under the command of Rear Adm. A.E. Montgomery, the communiqué said.
“More than 30 Jap plane were destroyed in the air and we lost 13 planes in combat,” Nimitz announced. In spite of the enemy’s resistance the Wake defenses, barracks, shops, and airfield were shattered by a total of 320 tons of bombs. This is believed to be the greatest weight of explosives unloosed on the Japs in a single action in all Pacific Theaters of War thus far. Besides being blasted in the greatest bombing strike U.S. Forces ever have delivered against the Japs, Wake’s garrison was also bombarded by Warships of Adm. Montgomery’s force.
Casualties among enemy personnel were not mentioned in the communiqué, but Comdr. J.T.Hayward, who got a close-up look in a strafing run at 300 feet altitude with a four-motored Liberator told correspondents in an interview, “We saw a considerable number of dead scattered about he landscape.” Besides 30 enemy planes destroyed in the air 31 others were destroyed on the ground. The communiqué said, “Damage by enemy action to our ships and personnel was negligible.”
21 OCTOBER 1943
House Naval Affairs Committee will make an investigation of how the Navy uses Civilian Workers in every Navy Installation in Country. The Committee will check up on Draft Deferment Annual Absenteeism and other abuses such as were reported at the Norfolk Navy Yard by Senator Mead who said, “The Navy gave an incomplete picture.”
31 OCTOBER 1943
The Selective Service today instructed Draft Heads in calling up Industrial Deferred Men, twenty-six to twenty-nine, to follow the withdrawal sequence recently outsketched by War Moblizer Byrnes. In line with Byrnes request that impact on War Production be minimized in drafting about two hundred thousand of their registrants by next July. Draft Director Hershey also ordered use of the War Manpower Commissions new list of Critical and Essential Activities as a guide. He said, “However, that quote, if you find a replacement is available for a Restraint, he should be classified as Available for Induction regardless of his place in the Byrnes Priority - unquote.”
American ground Forces captured Empress Augusta Bay in a bold invasion of West Central Bougainville Island at dawn Monday and thus placed themselves 260 statute miles away from Japan’s big key base at Rabaul. Cognizant that this big move threatened to unhinge the entire Jap position in the Southwest Pacific. “The enemy must now consider strong countermeasure,” General MacArthur said. “If the Jap fleet comes out, I will welcome it. I will thrown everything we have against it.”
The attacking force, which achieved its initial landing with such surprise that little opposition was encountered, thus the Jap positions were smashed on Southern Bougainville and placed all enemy forces there in peril, if they choose to reinforce Jap positions on the Southern Islands, 15 miles south of Bougainville, and on newly invaded Treasury and Choiseul Islands were also bypassed.
The Americans gained their beachhead about half way up the West Coast of the largest Solomon Island, the last one between the Allies and Rabaul. The move apparently surprised many thousand Jap troops which were garrisoned at Bougainville. Prior to the invasion repeated heavy air strikes had neutralized Rabaul……
27 NOVEMBER 1943
WASHINGTON…..Senator Connally, Texas Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, predicted quote, “OVERWHELMING,” unquote.
Approval of American participation in World Peace Organization. Connally expressed heartfelt gratification to sixteen new Democratic Senators and sixteen Republicans who Wednesday sent Letters to President Roosevelt. They pleaded their support to such Organizations. Connally is the Man who will have to lead the Senate in the ratification fight when the isssue of the World Peace Organization comes up. Support of Sixteen Freshmen Senators will make the task easier. Veteran Senators already are on record as approving such an Organization.
Radio Tokio reports that on the evening of December 3rd, the Japanese aircraft intercepted and American Task Force south of Bougainville. “We sank 3 Aircraft Carriers, 2 Battleships, 2 Cruisers and damaged 1 Destroyer and Cruiser. Ten of our aircraft failed to return,” the reporter said. (It seems I’ve heard that song before…-ED.)
A U.S. Destroyer sunk in lower New York Bay Monday after and explosion of undetermined origin, which shook many sections of the metropolitan area and awakened thousands before dawn. There were at least 163 known survivors, including 108 injured.
General MacArthur’s communiqué reported today that Allied planes have hit Rabaul again, dropping 153 tons of bombs on this important enemy position and Supply Base, and the Western tip of New Britain. Nearly 2200 tons of explosives have been laid there since December 1st. American Troops invaded Bougainville November 1st and have since extended their holdings. The Japanese have lost 45 planes so far in attacking American positions.
Medium Bombers hit two enemy transport freighters off New Guinea, and shot down 14 Jap Fighter planes. In the Allied attack, escorted medium Bombers attacked harbor shipping, Airdromes, and adjacent Supply Dumps at low levels.
General MacArthur today sent the following Christmas message to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces in the Southwest Pacific: “On this Christmas Day, the Anniversary of the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray that a merciful God may preserve and bless each of you.”
Admiral Nimitz in a Christmas message to Forces under his command said: “We look ahead with full confidence that the next Christmas will be a happier one at home and infinitely more dismal one in Japan.” He told fighting Men in the Pacific that, “Americans at home celebrate this Holiday without fear of bombs or shells, because of your valiant efforts in the past year have steadily pushed the enemy back.”
American and New Zealand Troops captured the Green Islands Monday, isolating 22,000 Jap Troops in the Solomon Islands and drawing the Allied noose tighter around Rabaul. “For strategic Military purposes this completed the campaign for the Solomons,” General MacArthur said today in announcing the conquest of the Islands……The Green Islands lie midway between the northernmost Solomon Islands and their sources of supply on New Ireland and New Britain.
29 FEBRUARY 1944
General MacArthur’s communiqué today reported that American Destroyers shelled Kavieng and New Ireland for the 3rd time. They blasted the heart of Rabaul, New Britain. Destroyers, unhampered by Jap warships or planes sank one ship and left two in flames in Kavieng Harbor. Another cargo vessel was left sinking off New Hanover Island. Japanese were reported pulling out of both Kavieng and Rabaul, where Destroyers demolished ammunitions dump, a power plants, many buildings, and started a score of fires.
10 MARCH 1944
Lieut. Gen. Sultan, Commander of the India-Burma Theater, announced in Myitkyian Monday night that the Ledo-burma Road Route has been entirely cleared of Japanese and Allied Convoys, and are now able to send supplies into China from India for the first time in two and a half years. The announcement came one day after troops of the Chinese Division, operating under his command, entered Muse 13 miles South captured Wanting, and joined forces with other Chines troops from the Salween Front.
16 MARCH 1944
The House Naval Committee Appointed seven Americans on a Committee to study permanent United States possession of Japanese mandated Island in the Pacific. The study intended to determine which can be used for U.S. outer defenses. Chairman Drewry Virginia said the Committee will first study Islands in the South Pacific to determine whether they should be fortified, and whether Navy will need all, or part of them after the War.
Brigadier General Orval A. Cook, Chief Army Air Technical Service command Procurement Division revealed Tuesday the Airforces are planning to produce three times as many B-29’s as only Land Based plane which can hit Jap homelands and said its use will prevent the Japs from developing a counter-weapon. The General also declared “We know they have already started working on such a weapon. We must not give them time to develop it.”
26 MARCH 1944 - SUNDAY
Japan whose three pronged thrust into India is running into trouble appears to be massing Troops in China for a new Offensive. In the Pacific, all NEWS yesterday, Friday, was bad for Tokyo. The Navy announced American Submarines had sunk eleven ships.
1 APRIL 1944
Heavy Jap Troop movements to South China possible preparing large scale Military Operations in the Southern Area were reported Friday by an Army Spokesman, Major General C.C. Stseng.
Destruction of eleven more Jap ships by wide ranging American Submarines was announced Friday by the Navy Department. The new bag brought to twenty-six the number of sinkings reported by the Navy this week and boosted to 653 the number of enemy vessels sunk, probably sunk, or damaged by Submarines’ actions.
10 APRIL 1944
Bob Hope received the “Poor Richard Clubs” annual Award for the Years Outstanding Achievement Wednesday night on the 238th Award Night. Anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, creator of the character of “Poor Richard.” Hope was cited for aiding the morale of Serviceman abroad. Guest Speaker was Fleet Admiral Nimitz, whose address was Freeboard in the Pacific for the broadcast. The Club is an Organization of advertising Executives.
13 MAY 1944 - SATURDAY
Humphrey Bogart, movie tough guy, today said he was divorcing his present wife, former Mayo Methot. Bogart also said, when the decree is granted he would marry Lauren Bacall, current top “Movie Glamour Girl.”
Frank Sinatra, Croon dash “Swing King” has been ordered back here for a new Draft Physical. Sinatra placed in four F, previously because of a punctured ear drum. He is twenty-six and has two children.
18 JUNE 1944
Two American Naval Task Forces operating 200 miles apart on the Pacific simultaneously shelled the Southern Marianas Islands and the Central Kurile Islands Monday. This was the deepest penetration of the Japanese defenses by Allied Warships.
The Japanese today felt still land, sea, and air blows that stabbed closer to the Imperial Island Ring……Admiral Chester W. Nimitz announced tonight that U.S. Assult Forces have smashed Japanese resistance at heavily defended Charanknoa Beach on Saipan Island, after once having been hurled back a short distance.
26 JUNE 1944
Japan has lost 832 planes in the last two weeks in sea and air warfare centered around the Marianas Islands, revised figures released by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz today disclosed. American losses were 151. Of the Japanese losses, 747 were accounted for by Admiral Marc A. Mitscher’s Task Force supporting the Invasion of Saipan Island.
Gil Dodds, Boston’s Flyweight holds the World’s indoor mile record of 4.6 . It was announced Thursday his almost immediate retirement from track competition. Preacher Dodds sent his announcement to Jack Ryder his Coach and Dan Ferris, Secretary of the gospel assignment in a Los Angeles pulpit. It became known shortly before it was learned that Gundar Haegg Swedish track star had completed plans to pay another visit to the United States early next month.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association will not ban member schools from NCCA competition, if their basketball teams play Hamline University of St. Paul says K.P. Wilson, Association Secretary Treasure, and Northwestern University’s Athletics Director. The National AAU recently said any school that played Hamline is professionalized because two of its players Hower Schultz and Rollie Seltz are both professional baseball players. Wilson said, “Hamline is not a member of the NCAA and is ineligible to play in its tourney. Any school that plays Hamline does not impair its standing with us in anyway.”
28 OCTOBER 1944
American ground troops invading Central Philippines are fighting inland from solidly consolidated beachheads at Leyte. Food and supplies have been landed on schedule against light opposition.
Finland’s rejection of the Russian Armistice terms and the tone of the Soviet reply combine to diminish the hope that Finnish people might somehow escape the full fury of this war. The Finns are a clear minded people, and they must realize the hopelessness of the military situation. If convinced that Russia is not going to modify the Armistice terms, the Finnish Government may yet accept them. But if this is not to be the case, if Finland elects to go down fighting. It is hoped that there are no illusions in Helsinki with regard either to the intent of the ability of the United States and Britain to shield the Finns from what will be the harsh ultimate consequences of that choice. There is a very genuine sympathy in the United States for Finland, but there are also hard realities of War which cannot be ignored.
17 DECEMBER 1944
General MacArthur announced today that American troops have landed on Mindoro Island, South of Luzon. General MacArthur’s communiqué reported today that Allied planes have hit Cape Glousester again, dropping 153 tons of bombs on this important enemy position and supply base on the Western tip of New Britain.
Nearly 2200 tons of explosives have been laid there since December first. Medium bombers returned in force over Arawe, New Britain, causing light damage and casualties in a pre-dawn raid. American troops invaded this area December 15th and have since extended their holdings. The last previous enemy raid on Arawe was Tuesday, when American fighters shot down 16 of nearly 100 Japanese planes. The Japanese have lost 45 planes so far in attacking American positions at Arawe.
15 JANUARY 1945
American troops which landed on Luzon Island Tuesday morning reestablished four beachheads on southern and southeastern shores of Lingayon Gulf. The landing was made under the personal command of General MacArthur, who went ashore with early attacking waves of troops after tremendous shelling by battleships and warships of the Seventh Fleet and bombings by carrier based planes and land based bombers of the Far Eastern Air Force.
22 JANUARY 1945
On 20 January west longitude date carrier aircraft of the Pacific Fleet attacked the enemy airforce, shipping and installations in Formosa X 43 Japanese aircraft were destroyed in aerial combat. 97 were destroyed on the ground, and approximately 106 more were damaged in attacks on the airdromes at Thioto, Chosu, Matsuyama, Eiko, Kuputsua, Giran, Koshum, and Taien X intense anti-aircraft fire was encountered at Takao X reports of damage to enemy shipping are as yet incomplete, but at Tako two large ships and docks, along with an industrial area were left burning furiously X considerable.
19 FEBRUARY 1945
American paratroopers and waterborne infantrymen have landed on Corregidor in Manila Bay and seized its decisive points. General MacArthur announced that complete capture of Corregidor is now assured with light casualties. Landings followed bombardment of Seventh Fleet warships and Army planes.
Marshal Von Rundstedt’s forces mauled by aerial bombardment that destroyed or damaged 4,913 motorized vehicles in two days and virtually abandoned the Ardennies today after surrendering their last major stronghold of St. Veith to American First Army.
The North British Second Army battled toward establishing a solid front with the American 9th Army on the Dure-Lullish-Linnich Road River line before the Cologne Plain. Far to the south, French First Army with aerial support spans new offensive against north side of Germa’s Colmar Pocket. Other French forces were attacked against southern flank of the enemy.
15 MARCH 1945
Premier Stalin announced in an Order of the Day that Marshall Gregory K. Zhukovo’s powerful first White Russian Army slashed 13 miles inside Northwest Germany tottering Poznan to capture Driesen 93 miles Northeast of Berlin and Woldenbert 57 miles Southeast of Stettin, Port of Berlin, which lies at the mouth of the Oder River. German troops reported falling back across great Northern German Plain, which stretches 390 miles to the border of Netherlands, as an onrushing tide of Red Army tanks and motorized infantry move onward to Berlin.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt died today at Warm Springs, Georgia. The NEWS was announced in Washington and Warm Springs. The President died at 3:35 p.m. CWT. Roosevelt was born at Hyde Park, New York, January 30, 1882. With the President at the time of his death was Commander Howard G. Breunn and Doctor James Paulin of Atlanta, Georgia.

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